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My name is Lia-Mara and I'm a Swiss snowboarder. 

I was born in 1994 on a bio-farm called Elfenhof in Switzerland (Aargau). Today this farm is a horse breeding and my parents work as leaders of a pedagogical extended family. 

Our farm is situated next to a small village called Alikon, where I grew up with four sisters and one brother. 

I started snowboarding when I was 13 years old. But I discovered my passion for Freestyle Snowboarding not until four years later at the age of 17.

I finished school in 2015 at the "Schweizerische Sportmittelschule Engelberg" and I am concentrating now on my career as a professional snowboarder.

I love to travel around with the Swiss Snowboard Team. But when I am not snowboarding I enjoy to be with my family and my boyfriend. 

Love and kisses to all the people who are supporting me, so I can live my dream.

Special thanks to my team, my family and my boyfriend.

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