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results 2016/17

Swiss Chamipionships Big Air / European Cup

​Swisschamps: Big Air, Elite Women, 3rd rank

Europacup: Big Air, Elite Women, 6th rank

22. April 2017

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Swiss Chamipionships Slopestyle / European Cup

​Swisschamps: Slopestyle, Elite Women, 3rd rank

Europacup: Slopestyle, Elite Women, 4th rank

19. April 2017

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results 2015/16

Laax Open

Slopestyle, Elite Women, 18th rank

18.-23. January 2016

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Pleasure Jam

Slopestyle, Elite Women, 6th rank

28. November 2015

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Glacier 3000 Big Air

Big Air, Elite Women, 2nd rank

19. November 2015

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results 2014/15

promotion to the swiss nationalteam big air

spring 2015

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Big Air World Cup Quebec City 2015

2nd rank, Elite Woman 

20th February 2015

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Big Air, Elite Woman, 5th rank



24. January 2015

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Slopestyle, Elite Woman, 22th rank



21. January 2015

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Oneill Pleasure Jam

15th rank

14.-16. November 2014

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Audi Snowboard Series Open Slopestyle

day 1: 2nd rank

day 2. 1st rank

20. und 21. November 2015

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results 2013/14

Swiss Freestyle Champs, Halfpipe Corvatsch

8th rank



12. April 2014

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Swiss Freestyle Champs, Slopestyle Corvatsch

3rd rank



11. April 2014

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results 2012/13

promotion to the swiss sportschool Engelberg

spring 2013

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Mythenstyle Big Air

2nd rank

15. February 2013

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Europacup Davos Halfpipe 2013

6th rank day 1 

5th rank day 2

7./8. January 2013

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Junior Open Laax 2013 Halfpipe

3rd rank



22. December 2012

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promotion to the Swiss Snowboard Girls Team

spring 2013

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O’Neill Evolution 2013

5th rank Halfpipe

7th rank Big Air

14. January 2013

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Junior Open Davos 2013

6th rank day 1

7th rank day 2

5./6. January 2013

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Freestyle Snowboard Swiss Championships, Zermatt Overall

7th rank



15. September 2012

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start 2011/12

promotion to the regional squad

previous: Snowfarm ZSSV

today: Central Station ZSSV




spring 2012

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